Welcome to the regional section group of the student council from Switzerland.

cropped-rsg_swiss_logo.pngWe are PhD students , Post-doc, or scientific collaborator, who have an interest in computational biology. We aim at promoting collaborations between biologist, physicist , mathematician or computer scientist in Switzerland and create links between academic institutions and companies.

This group will promote connections between people in as well as from Switzerland, who are working in the field of computational biology, bioinformatics, computer science or biology. The goal of this group is to inform members about conferences, workshops and social events organized both in Switzerland and abroad. The second mission of this group is to provide information about careers in the field of computational biology, including job applications or internships in labs located in Switzerland and internationally. Finally the group hopes to foster discussion about important issues in bioinformatics, new and existing tools, blogs, or interesting scientific articles related to our fields.

 We hope to hear from all of you!


We are supported by the Swiss institute of bioinformatics (SIB) and the student council of the International society of computational biology (ISCB SC).

sib_logo_trans_background_high    StudentCouncil


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