Month: July 2014

Hackuarium #DIYbio a bio-hackerspace in collaboration with ISCB RSG Switzerland

A new collaboration between the ISCB-RSG-Switzerland and Hackuarium leads to 3D protein structure printing.

Our goal is to print several structures such as transcription factors, motor or structural proteins and small molecules which are implicated in diverse process, notably cell cycle, and cellular signaling. The perspective of this first project is to explain to non-scientist the role of these proteins in a ludic way, using real objects (3D structures) and visual support as 3D animations and pictures. The work of David S. Goodsell is a great example of the beauty of the “molecular life”.

Our first trial using a fragment of Hepatitis B virus composed of ten subunits. CC-BY @funambuline

The recipe to print these structures is relatively simple:

1) Browse in you favorite data base of protein 3D structures

2) Visualize you model using UCSF Chimera (you can change the mode of vitalization ribbon/surface/ball-stick )

3) Export your model in .stl format

4) Find a place where you have access to a 3D printer (a facility from a university or a commercial place )

5)Load your .stl in the 3D printer software and print it!

This attempt was based on two posts :

For more information about DIYbio: Hackuarium – bio-hackerspace, citizen lab for DIY biology, coworking space, in Renens, Greater Lausanne area, Vaud, Switzerland. on Strikingly.

Many thanks to Guy Mayor (biolconseil[dot]mayor[at]icloud[dot]com) for his advices and the 3D printer access.